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TranscribeMeow – Transcribe Audio Today!

Accurately Transcribe Audio Files, Recordings, and Videos.

With TranscribeMeow you can accurately transcribe audio of your Podcasts, Videos, Meetings, Music, & Recordings! 
Using our Transcription Service has never been easier!

To Use Our Service Simply:

1: Upload to your iCloud or Record on the Device

2: Press Transcribe

3: Receive a Highly Accurate Transcription!

Begin Transcribing You Audio Today by Downloading TranscribeMeow on the AppStore

I’m genuinely shocked at how well the app works, especially since it’s free. But the two files I ran through it this morning were all maybe 98% perfect in their accuracy.

I’m half-waiting for the other shoe to drop, because it’s really IS too good to be true. But until it does, I’m going to be pleased as punch thinking of all the free time I’m suddenly going to have back without tedious transcribing to do.

In fact in honor of Transcript Meow feline mascot, I think I’ll be using this morning’s newfound free time to enjoy a nice little….cat nap!

Patrick K. Walsh

How you can Improve your SEO With TranscribeMeow to Transcribe Audio

John Mueller - Google's

John Mueller - Google's

Web Master Senior Analyst

Google’s John Mueller advises site owners to provide supporting content when publishing a web page with a video on it because it’s hard for google to know what the video is about without supporting content.

Mueller recommends “building content around the video, such as a transcription of the video, and adding some comments about the video.”

John’s original comments can be found here.

Benefits to Transcribing Audio on your Podcasts or Videos

1. Boost Users Through SEO In Your Transcription.

2. Increase Accessibility To Users That Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

3. Allow For Easier Sharing Of Your Content On Social Networks

4. Giving Users Quick Glances Of Your Content Can Increase Interest

5. Turn Your Transcrippts Into Interesting Blog Posts

6. Improve User Experience By Providing More Content to Follow

Benefits To Transcribing Audio on Podcasts

Coming to a Web Browser & Android Soon!